Wild Atlantic Way: Star Wars Content Campaign

A destination out of this world

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Greeting Other Galaxies

What if an audience from outside of Ireland were invited to embrace the famed Wild Atlantic Way of life? Say, an audience from a galaxy far far away?

To coincide with the release of the hugely anticipated eighth Star Wars instalment, 2017’s Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, the Wild Atlantic Way stepped into the limelight in an atmospheric and intergalactic cinema ad.

Fáilte Ireland’s cinematic showcase of the unrivalled Wild Atlantic Way viewed the route through the (perhaps multiple) eyes of the would-be alien tourist. Beamed onto cinema screens as Star Wars fans readied themselves for the main event, the ad’s premise that an outer space tourist body was presenting the sea-sculpted route as a unique galactic tourist escape showcased the Wild Atlantic Way in all its glory.

Creatively devised, written and produced by Rothco and with post production duties carried out by Piranha Bar, bigO shot the majority of the otherworldly footage featured in this 60” cinema spot at various locations in counties Kerry, Donegal, Cork and Clare.

Out of this World, at the Edge of the World

For the Wild Atlantic Way site bigO created an extraterrestrial-themed landing page perfectly suited to the intergalactic enthusiast, the Star Wars fan and the potential west coast tourist.

As Star Wars mania was reaching fever pitch and with several Wild Atlantic Way hotspots enjoying ample screen time in the feature, bigO devised this Star Wars-specific landing page to brim with unique, out-of-this-world content. Following the cinema ad’s concept of the Wild Atlantic Way being so exceptional that even visitors from outer space want to make the journey, users were not only greeted with evocative descriptions and stunning imagery, they could also, at the touch of a button, translate this content into an strange alien language. Why? For interplanetary kicks, of course. For Facebook audiences, bigO also created a suitably dream-like cover video, revealing the landscape’s alluring and almost transcendental charm.

Holding Out for a Hero

Anchoring the user’s space-themed visit were four hero articles that mixed tongue-in-cheek humour and practical information with incredible imagery guaranteed to give people the travel bug.

A Space Traveller’s Guide to the Wild Atlantic Way introduces the concept of the Wild Atlantic Way and its earthly charms to would-be tourists from other galaxies. An Intergalactic Itinerary gives the inside track on which headlands were recently home to Jedi Temples and which coastal corners doubled as distant planets. Out of this World Instagram-Worthy Spots tempts with beautiful imagery of some of the many places on the route that simply beg to be photographed. While The Skelligs: 360° revealed why, via our jaw-dropping 360° video, the Skellig Islands were alluring and otherworldly enough to become Luke Skywalker’s home.