Wild Atlantic Way

Showcasing this kick-ass coastal route

Content Management | Copywriting | Video


A natural gem parked right under our noses, Fáilte Ireland’s rebrand of the 2,500km stretch of coastline from Mizen Head to Malin Head as the Wild Atlantic Way transformed the western sea board’s landscape into a catch-all destination.

bigO’s task was to Content Manage the hell out of it. Via carefully curated and created website, video and app content, we put its landscape, people and personality on its rightful pedestal.


By sharing our expertise in video production, copywriting, SEO, information architecture and web design, our style of content management became pretty holistic. Our knowledge and understanding of what engages audiences ultimately influenced the perception of the Wild Atlantic Way via stellar web and video content. Even if we do say so ourselves.


Hey Ho, Let’s Go

Ahead of Fáilte Ireland’s launch of wildatlanticway.com in March 2015, bigO set about creating and curating content that would best place the tourism product – the route itself – at its core. As the Wild Atlantic Way is all about inspirational experiences, we knew we needed to create content so irresistible, the audience would be just itching to pack their suitcases.

Word Up

Armed with a bespoke style guide, our content team implemented a consistent voice throughout all content across the website, the brand’s app and in-video copy.

The content we created ranged from easy-to-read listicles, to first-hand features, to in-depth, meaty articles on sporting figures won over by the coast.

bigO’s content team also created inspirational copy for the site’s homepage, introducing the concept of the route and the experiences on offer. We created motivational copy for the site’s individual theme and region pages too, introducing the countless ways to get your kicks.

For the Wild Atlantic Way app, we also researched and wrote over 80 handy ‘Hidden Gems’. Light and enthusiastic, these zingers were a mix of well- and lesser-known sites worth visiting.

Careful Now…

Carefully curating third-party content was also crucial to creating current, relevant posts that showcased the positive reception the brand whipped up online. Some of the content we curated came from the likes of the Huffington Post, and when BBC’s Top Gear filmed on the route we were able to catch the mood and create compelling, timely content that engaged the television viewer as well as the would-be holiday-maker.

Lights, Camera, Atlantic!

We once again let the scenery do the seducing, with our video strategy revolving around the Irish landscape. It played the starring role in these beautifully-executed, shareable pieces of content.

We spent months capturing aerial and macro footage of the entire route to ensure we could create narratives which best depict why people fall head over heels for it. And not a sheep traffic jam in sight.

Seen from the Sky

Set to the ethereal sounds of Irish band God is an Astronaut, the video ‘Seen from the Sky – The Wild Atlantic Way’ takes you on a journey over the route’s creviced cliffs and crashing waves.

Produced for launch on ‘Blue Monday’ or the last Monday in January, said to be the most depressing day of the year for everyone but New Order, the video was instantly picked up by many major news aggregators, including Mashable, The Irish Times, and the UK Telegraph. The public sentiment was just as positive and it notched up 100,000+ views on YouTube in just two days with zero paid digital advertising behind it.

VR Becoming the Video Star?

We created four immersive virtual reality/360° experience videos along the Wild Atlantic Way to let users experience first-hand the area’s insane beauty and endless opportunity for adventure. The four experiences showcased were horse-riding on the beach, sea-stack climbing, surfing and mountain biking.

Shine a Light

The remote beauty and raw power of the coast was the key message of this video. We created it using a combination of poetic voiceover, cinematic soundtrack and sweeping views of various lighthouses amongst jagged cliffs and giant waves.

My Big Fat Biking Adventure

For adventure enthusiasts, we created a fat biking video (yes, bikes with fat tyres) that showcased the stunning beauty of the Atlantic landscape. Appealing particularly to bikers of all skill levels, the video highlights the spectacular off-road adventures to be had on two chubby wheels.